We made changing a light bulb easy again.

Fluorescent, LED, daylight, soft, bright, spot, flood. Ugh! We can help you choose the right products and save you money – all delivered and installed with one call.

We made changing a light bulb easy again

All brands of bulbs, fixtures, ballasts and more

BulbGuy Lighting handles the big name brands you’re familiar with, but we also offer lesser-known brands that offer the same high quality, performance and reliability at a much lower cost. Because we’re not tied to any brand, we use our years of experience and broad product knowledge to select the best options for you and your budget, regardless of who makes it. We don’t work for manufacturers; we work for our customers.

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Serving all types of businesses

Whether you have a business, church, restaurant, manufacturing plant, apartment complex or other facility, we offer a range of service options. From simply supplying bulbs to coordinating electricians and boom trucks, we can handle it all.

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Bucket Truck Install & Repair

BulbGuy Lighting provides on-site repair and replacement of hard-to-reach fixtures. From parking lot pole lights to business signage, our 50 foot truck can take care of any issues that are normally out out of reach.

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Bucket Truck

Lower your total energy costs, Guaranteed

When you buy a light bulb, your financial commitment is just beginning. The purchase price is only 3% of the lifetime cost of that bulb. Changing your lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your energy costs. Let us show you how.

Avg energy savings per year = $3,162

Avg rebate per project = $4,230

Avg ROI = 1.63 yrs or 89.26%

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86% Cost of Energy, 11% Cost of Labor, 3% Cost of Bulbs

Rebate Savings without the Wait

BulbGuy Lighting stays up to date on all utility company lighting rebates to ensure you get every dollar you’re entitled to. We even do the rebate paperwork for you. Plus, ask how you could have your rebate applied immediately without waiting weeks for a check.

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